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wooden wine box maintenance checklist

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Wooden wine boxes are expensive and valuable in use, so we usually take care of wooden wine boxes, and there is a certain degree of care in maintaining wooden wine boxes. How to maintain it?
Pay attention to the following six points in the maintenance of wooden wine boxes:
1. Avoid direct sunlight. This maintenance method is not only suitable for wooden wine boxes, it is used for all wooden crafts. Because long-term sunlight will cause the wood to be dried and cracked, pay attention to this detail when placing or installing wooden crafts.

2. Stay away from heat sources. In the cold winter, especially people in the north, people will have heating experience. However, when heating, try to keep the heating equipment away from the wooden crafts by 1 meter, in order to prevent the wooden crafts from baking for a long time, which will cause the wood to dry, deform and locally deteriorate the paint film.

3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the surface of wooden crafts. Nowadays, the surface of ordinary boxes will be coated with paint as a protective film. This kind of paint is usually called a spray box. Therefore, we must protect the wooden crafts and this layer of paint. That is the first task. Wipe gently with a dry soft cotton cloth every day, and then use a wrung out damp cloth for cleaning for a period of time, and finally apply a thin layer of wax.

4. Avoid using chemical solvents to remove stains. Wooden crafts are prone to stains due to their special performance. If there are stains on the surface of wooden crafts, do not wipe them vigorously, or for convenience, just splash them with chemicals and wipe them off. But this not only scratched the wax but also damaged the box.

5. Avoid damp environment, it is easy to get damp indoors in summer, especially in the kitchen. At this time, we can use thin glue to separate the wooden crafts from the ground.

6. Avoid being scratched by hard objects. There are also some details. When you are cleaning or picking and placing things, you must be extra careful. Never let hard metal products scratch the wooden crafts.

In addition, wooden crafts are different from ordinary solid wood boxes. They are suitable for dampness and avoid drying. Therefore, wooden crafts are particularly not suitable for exposure to the sun. Do not blow air conditioners against wooden crafts. Keep indoor air dry in the three seasons of spring, autumn and winter. , It is advisable to use a humidifier to spray wet, indoor fish and flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity.

Wooden handicrafts must be properly concealed. The storage of objects in the cabinet should not exceed the door frame. If it is often squeezed and jammed, the cabinet door will be deformed.

The mahogany surface of wooden crafts is generally brittle, such as table top and chair surface. Always pay attention to prevent bumps and cracks. If you find that there is a tenon at the stress point during use or moving, it must be re-glued and sealed before use.

For the panels of a type of wooden crafts, in order to protect the paint film from being scratched and to show the texture of the wood, a thick glass plate is generally placed on the countertop, and a small suction pad is used to separate the glass plate and the wooden countertop. It is recommended not to use transparent polyethylene crystal plates.

Custom-made wooden wine boxes are generally used for a long time, so you should always protect the surface coating of the box. It is best to wipe it with a little wax every three months to not only increase the appearance of the box, but also protect the wood.

To keep the wooden crafts tidy, clean gauze can be used to wipe the dust daily. It is not advisable to use chemical brighteners to prevent the paint film from becoming sticky and damaged. In order to maintain the brightness of the box paint film, the walnuts can be crushed, peeled, and then polished with three layers of gauze.

Prevent solvents such as alcohol and banana water from tipping over. Otherwise, "scars" will grow on the surface of the box. When the surface of the box is stained with dirt, wash it with mild soap and water. After drying, wax again to restore the original appearance, but do not wipe with solvent liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, or the surface will be wiped off The paint and the gloss of the lacquer.

The walnut oil used to maintain the box is only suitable for unpainted and waxed boxes. The frequency of use should not be too high. Generally, it can be used once every 2-3 months. In a relatively dry environment, the maintenance interval can be appropriately shortened, and the maintenance should be carried out once a month. But be sure to pay attention to the dosage in normal use. Oil has the property of dust absorption, too much use will cause dust to adhere and produce a greasy feeling

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