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What are the characteristics of paper wine box packaging design?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Paper packaging design is an important part of the packaging before we do packing box manufacturers, it includes packaging design and printing process design, the design of the paper wine box must match the wine quality, price level, in the paper wine box packaging, packaging design should be based on the cultural traits of wine products, to surface decoration design and shape structural design idea, give attention to two or morethings to continue making the wine box culture is mellow, personality traits in high value-added print.

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Decorating design is the soul of paper wine box design, packaging designers must first understand the historical origin and cultural background of wine products, know the basic information of wine products flavor categories, mellow characteristics, and then from a professional design perspective to give a unique shelf image of wine products, render the regional characteristics and connotation of wine products. At the same time, packaging designers should also master the new printing technology and process implementation, actively listen to the suggestions of printing technicians, and appropriate into the anti-counterfeiting measures, in order to achieve the purpose of promoting sales while safeguarding the legitimate interests of consumers.

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The box design is the body of paper wine box packaging. The attractive "posture" of wine box always gives wine products the shelf effect of "standing out from the crowd", so as to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. At present, the box type design of paper wine box packaging mainly refers to the change design of the box type structure, usually including the box structure change design and the box cover structure change design.
Printing and processing link:
1. Prepress technology personnel shall experience carefully packaging designers design concept, fully understand the concept of packaging design personnel, carefully choreographed prepress process documents, to trap press reasonable parameter selection, hemorrhage size set, box surface lap give way, such as process, ensure the wine box greatly conform to the design of the packaging design personnel.
2. Printing operators should follow the principle of "high overprint precision color sequence next to each other" to reasonably arrange the printing color sequence, choose the appropriate printing pressure and printing speed for printing operations, and compare standard samples from time to time to check the printing quality of printed matter.

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3. Post-press processing mainly undertakes the task of surface finishing and box forming of the wine box, generally including film mulching/glazing, hot stamping, embossing/concave and convex, die-cutting indentation, window sticking, box pasting and other processes. Post-press operators should pay close attention to the critical control points of each post-press process to prevent the occurrence of quality defects.
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