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Knowledge of wine box packaging customization

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Wine is a kind of liquid commodity. Nowadays, in the shopping mall shelves full of beautiful things in eyes, the first thing that catches people's eyes is often the outer package of wine -- wine box. Wine box packaging plays a very important role in the sale of wine, especially in attracting consumers, increasing the added value of products, meeting the spiritual needs of consumers, and consolidating the role of brand and corporate image, which is more and more recognized by people.

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At present, in the selection of wine box packaging customized materials, paper containers (paper boxes, paper tubes) still occupy the main position, the proportion of leather, wood, plastic, metal materials than ever increased, bamboo, willow, grass and other natural materials are still less used. Paper box in the paper container has the advantage, according to the different grade of wine, the selection of materials is also different:
1, low grade wine box packaging carton
A, the use of more than 350 grams of white paper printing laminating (plastic film), die cutting molding.
B, a little better use of 300 grams of white paper board mounted into paper card reprinting, laminating, die cutting molding.

                                                         wine box packaging
2, mid-range wine box packaging carton
The printing surface mostly uses about 250-300 grams of aluminum foil card (commonly known as gold card, silver card, copper card, etc.) and about 300 grams of white board paper to mount into card paper, printing and laminating and then die cutting forming.
3, wine box packaging custom and gift box packaging carton
The use of 3mm-6mm thickness of cardboard with manual mounted surface decoration, bonding molding.
In particular, it should be pointed out that in the paper containers of domestic wine box packaging, corrugated paper box, E-type corrugated paper box, micro corrugated cardboard is rarely used, forming a strong contrast with the international. Personally, I think the promotion and publicity is not enough, and it is restricted by many reasons such as traditional habits and production conditions of domestic processing manufacturers.

                                                      wine box packaging
In addition, wine box packaging has also appeared wood material packaging, metal packaging and other forms of packaging, but paper materials, paper wine box is still the mainstream, is also the direction of development, and will be further expanded. Because the paper box is light, has the excellent processing, the printing performance, the processing is convenient, does not pollute the environment, especially now the paper and the cardboard design and color variety, has everything, can meet the designer's requirement. In China, it should be emphasized that not only the outer shell of the wine box is made of paper, but also the buffer material of the inner structure should be advocated. E type corrugated board, micro corrugated board, paper pulp mold paper should be vigorously advocated in the packaging of wine box. Miniature corrugated board, beautiful appearance, good buffering performance, suitable for printing. When the design of packaging shell and inner parts can be unified a material, many can do a version of the molding, both save cost and save space.
In recent years, red wine box more and more can represent the development trend of wine box, red wine as a kind of imported, high requirements for packaging, so the red wine box market emerged as The Times require, at present, the common red wine box on the market has wooden and leather, wood is generally used for low-end red wine, leather for red wine.

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