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The environmental protection and humanized design of wooden wine box packaging

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Wooden wine box packaging environmental protection and humanized design, in today's society has been advocated by the concept of green ecological packaging design has spread. The rapid development of high technology has brought the possibility and opportunity of continuous innovation to the packaging technology of red wine industry. In terms of wine packaging material, you can see, along with the development of environmental protection topic in a luxurious and noble quality of high-grade red wine still use the traditional glass bottle at the same time, a lot of red wine merchants have begun to gradually reduce glass bottle packaging, more and more in the face of the mass market high quality red wine is gradually replaced by a new environmental protection material.

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For packaging design from complex to simple, is the problem that today's design industry should consider, in people in the supermarket, to wine stores, you can see a lot of wine packaging transition, into a heavy mode. A simple concept, natural, simple, rustic way of life greatly respected by the taste of people, China's wine packaging should learn the design concept of "simple but not simple".
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Elegant wine box packaging is like a beautiful works of art, it is not only as a wine the need of function, and is more peculiar cultural connotation, communicated to the enjoyment of drinking a fine, the bottle structure, Chinese wine wine box packaging, mostly of the cuboid, we was impressed with the wine personality, this is the commercial and artistic perfect fusion model, is worth learning and reference.
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With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements on non-material aspects. The spiritual aspects embodied in the packaging of red wine can not meet people's needs. Therefore, designers should use design to diversify the packaging design of red wine, stimulate the purchasing power of the public and enhance competitiveness. In line with the production management concept of "quality first, reputation first, service first", relying on the good reputation and brand image accumulated over the years, it has become a well-known package box customized solution provider and wood products provider. Dongshang Wood Industry hopes to cooperate with you to create a better future.

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