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What are the requirements of liquor packaging box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Our country has a long history of wine culture. Many literati poosers are full of praise for wine. In terms of wine brewing technology and packaging, our country's technology is also far ahead, such as national liquor Moutai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Xifeng liquor and other liquors, which are going out of China and into the world. In the Wolf Warrior movie starring Wu Jing, my country's Moutai is once again in the eyes of people all over the world.

Good products need good packaging to reflect its value. So what are the requirements for liquor packaging? Liquor in our country is generally packaged in the form of a packaging box. The design of the packaging box must be consistent with the quality and price level of the wine. Do not pack too much falsely to deceive consumers. For example, some wines are used in the production and brewing process. The materials and value of the wine are not high, but in order to increase the value of the wine, the packaging design of the wine box will be exquisitely designed, and the luxury will extremely increase the sales value of the wine. This method deceives consumers.

The design of the packaging box for liquor must take into account the interests of most people, and the material production technology must be practical. Some packaging boxes are only designed to be beautiful and beautiful, without considering the protective effect of the packaging box. The box is used If the inner product of the package cannot be used to protect the inner product, even if it is beautiful, it will cause loss to the product.

my country’s liquors are produced in different regions, such as Maotai in Guizhou and Fenjiu in Shanxi. The packaging design style should be more regional and unique, so that people will feel that the product is more individual when choosing.
There are a lot of alcohols in our country. The competition of liquor in the market is very strong, so it is imperative to show the style of liquor. Liquor packaging boxes are displayed on the display cabinet along with the liquor, so when designing the packaging boxes, the displayability of the liquor packaging boxes and the characteristics of the products, corporate culture, etc. should be considered. Good liquor has always been imitated and stolen. Therefore, when designing liquor packaging boxes, anti-counterfeiting labels should be designed to prevent unscrupulous merchants from seeking violence and bringing economic losses to the enterprise.

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