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What are the characteristics of the printing design of the packaging box?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Packaging box is a packaging box made of cardboard. Paper is widely used in various printing and packaging methods in gift box packaging materials. It can be photographic plate making or decorated with patterns and words, which is conducive to the publicity and promotion of goods while perfectly bearing the goods and winning the market display rate for goods. Furthermore, the production of paper packaging box products with paper materials can ensure lower production costs, and the use of cardboard processing into various types of paper boxes is cheaper than metal, plastic, glass and other packaging materials.

                             packaging box
Paper packaging box has the advantages of easy processing, paper products through the line knife, cutting rolling, folding, bonding, pasting, printing, film, bronzing and other methods easier to process cardboard into the needs of various shapes, sizes, various patterns of gift box packaging products.

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The structure of the paper box is folded, which greatly reduces the space taken up by storage and transportation. Gift box packaging makes storage and transportation simple and easy. For the present gift packaging industry, green, personalized, creative gift packaging will become a factor to impress consumers.

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No matter what kind of design process is taken by the packaging box manufacturer, it is necessary to be associated with the internal items, so that the packaging of paper products can show the freshness of the theme. In the expression of the theme, we should also pay attention to simplify the complex, no matter the text or the pattern, and strive to achieve a single pattern, prominent theme, simple and quick.

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