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Analyze the printing process of paper wine packaging box design

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Nowadays, with the development of society and more and more abundant materials, people's aesthetic standards are gradually changing. Things that are too complicated and cumbersome can't win customers. In recent years, a few contracted, delicate paper wine boxes are more and more welcomed by numerous wine merchants.
The difficulty of wine packaging design and printing is not as complex as the cigarette label. Printing and processing are mainly based on offset printing and several typical post-processing, and gravure printing and screen printing are the supplementary methods. Industry insiders believe that wine packaging printing is still based on offset printing, printing color to four colors and spot color.

                          paper wine packaging box
First of all, accurate and high-end material selection. Generally, the middle and low-end wine box packaging will choose corrugated paper as the main material to ensure its bearing capacity. But one problem is that the display is not very high-end. Can't embody the highest quality. In order to show the high quality appearance, we will choose special paper and cardboard as materials. For example, labels used in wine packaging are generally printed on copperplate paper, such as high-grade copperplate paper with a quantitative amount of 80g/m2 and 128g/m2. The printing of wine packaging box is based on the quantitative 350g/m2 white cardboard and white paper board. The overall appearance is thick, wear-resisting and pressure-resisting.

                         paper wine packaging box
Wine packaging printing is traditionally based on offset printing, the use of thick paper multi-color offset printing press, such as Heidelberg multi-color offset printing press, printing fine, fast, can print 0.6 ~ 1.0mm thick paper, the speed can reach 15,000 / hour, printing wine box is very suitable. Offsctdruckereien printing is a relatively mature printing process, especially in the mesh printing, a set of standardized, data-oriented methods. However, in addition to screen printing, wine packaging printing also involves a large number of spot color reproduction, such as large areas of red field, gold (silver) color, pearlescent effect, etc.. Because spot color, especially spot color, has higher requirements for saturation and brightness, and offset printing in the field, is limited by the thickness of the ink layer, it is out of our ability. At this time, the "first deep and then shallow" two printing methods can be adopted. In design, there should be hollowed-out text on the field plate as far as possible to avoid increasing the difficulty of overprinting.

                         paper wine packaging box
The second is the high quality of the printing process. The surface of the paper wine box is treated with light film. The surface looks glittering and translucent, colorful and does not change color for a long time.

                        paper wine packaging box
Again wine box box color selection and exquisite pattern Settings. Paper packaging using classic, durable black, gray as the main colors, more shows the protagonist's practical temperament, and the pursuit of high quality of life. In addition, the surface of the wine box is not too much pattern, only a striking LOGO, so that customers are easier to remember the brand.
Finally, the wine packaging box insert can fix the inner bracket of the product, not only to show the product, but also to protect the product.

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