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The use of packaging glue defoaming agent for film forming of wine box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Mention red wine, as if smelling a faint fragrance lingering on the tip of the nose, it is a kind of enjoyment, but also a kind of etiquette. In modern cities, the grade of the wine reflects the status of the guests, and the delicate packaging of the wine also becomes a factor of giving gifts. In the process of processing wine boxes, the bubbles in the film forming of wine boxes are considered by many manufacturers to be unpermable, which directly affects the overall brand surface and quality. The film forming of wine boxes requires skills. Re-understanding the use of packaging glue defoaming agent for the film forming of wine boxes will benefit you for life.

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1, fine wine box in the production of the way, need to go through the film cutting, backstock, storage, pasting, but in the printing is dark location of the film is relatively thick, so easy to appear different shapes of texture, some show signs of film convex, that is, the so-called "bubble".

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2,  When making the film, it is too hard to stir up and down, and the speed is too fast. In the case that the transparent film solidifies into a short line, a large number of bubbles can not be destroyed quickly, and then the bubbles are left. In addition, the viscosity of the film is very high, and the bubbles are difficult to fall off.

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The first answer to a common misconception is to dilute a thick mould slurry. This is unnecessary because when the slurry is diluted, the paste itself is an oily viscous substance. Whether the bubbles can be reduced depends on the properties of the original solution. No matter how the slurry is diluted, there will still be bubbles in the slurry during the stirring process.
The best way to get twice the result with half the effort should be to use a defoaming agent, so as to completely remove the bubbles. When choosing a defoaming agent, we all know that we must choose according to its use. The production of the red wine box itself is very important, the need to pour in the mixing process on the defoaming agent, quickly eliminate the foaming before molding, and then solidify into film, can increase the beauty of the red wine box.

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