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Can flat uv print custom wine boxes?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

In this society, the down-to-earth people have food, and the slippery people have "legs" to hug. No matter what you do, the characteristics are always novel, and the same is true for the advertising industry. Let’s talk with you about the new discovery below, the wine box screen customization, can the flat uv machine print the customized screen?

In our lives, we attend wedding banquets, class reunions, co-workers dinners, company annual meetings or business talks with customers, etc. When we are dining, there is always the presence of wine on the table.

How can I make the outer packaging of my wine box and bottle more visually impactful and achieve eye-catching effects? First of all, let's understand whether the flat uv machine can print pictures and whether it can customize the pictures you want. The uv flatbed printer can not only print out the exquisite wine bottle and wine box packaging, but also can be customized, artistically customized, and personalized.

Wine is also in the advertising industry. It has a place for a long time. I want to impress others on your wine on the table. In addition to the brand influence of the wine itself, there is also the influence of the slogan on the wine box or bottle. .
I believe everyone has some understanding of the brand of Moutai, and it can be popular in the streets and alleys in a short time. Everyone knows that in addition to the brand's influence, there is also the classic quotation of the bottle.

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