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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden wine box packaging boxes?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Wooden wine box packaging is now a wine packaging products with more of a kind, from the taste and grade belongs to the middle of the upper, equivalent to the red wine leather box it grade certainly can not be compared, but compared to other packaging such as paper boxes it is clearly in the grade out of a chip. It can be said that the wooden wine box packaging meets the majority of people for the pursuit of fashion. In the production process there is easy to make, but the production of good is not easy. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of red wine wooden box packaging? Now ask Star Xin to introduce you.

First of all, we will briefly talk about the disadvantages of wooden wine box packaging, of course, the disadvantages of wooden wine box packaging equivalent to its advantages is not worth mentioning, any kind of product will have advantages and disadvantages.


First, the disadvantages of wooden wine box packaging 

1. pine wood box is not sunlight, sunlight is easy to discoloration:.

Due to the characteristics of pine itself, high water content and soft texture, so not as solid as other solid wood, more prone to cracking box deformation.

No paint processing of pine wood natural simple clear and bright, single at the same time there is a worrying disadvantage, if you ignore the maintenance of the box, after exposure to the sun, pine boxes will appear discoloration and affect its natural beauty.

2. pine wood boxes are not moisture-proof, easy to receive moisture discoloration.

In the period of southern southern days, it is easiest to see the shortcomings of pine wood, pine wood boxes in humid weather prone to discoloration state.

Through the article on the advantages and disadvantages of wooden wine box packaging, I believe that we must have an understanding, so that in the future the use of wooden box material and the production process, we must carry forward his advantages, avoid his shortcomings. So that we can carry out the use and storage of wooden box packaging products for a long time. I hope that through the explanation of this article can be helpful to everyone.


Second, the advantages of wooden wine box packaging

The use of wooden boxes can not only improve the grade of the gift, and is conducive to the preservation of the product, for drinking products, such as wine, will use wooden boxes, the advantages of using wooden box packaging are as follows.


Wooden boxes not only have a rustic and heavy texture, in terms of technology is also very fine and sophisticated, therefore, bring people a very strong ornamental


Products packaged in wooden boxes can be better protected from collision and damage, and last longer than boxes made of other materials, and some boxes also have good waterproof performance.

3、Color versatility

The surface of the wooden box packaging crafts using paint spraying process, the surface of the paint has a matte, matte paint surface with a retro style, the hand touch is very smooth, feel good.


Paint surface with color, there are green pure natural style, elegant red, calm and solemn black, and playful and lovely violet color.

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