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The design of red wine boxes at home and abroad brings you a different feeling

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Since ancient times, warriors have to drink and go on expeditions, and there are also many allusions, such as the Hongmen Banquet in the early Han Dynasty, the Qianlong Qianlong Banquet, the green plum boiled wine on heroes, and so on. It can be seen that wine is extremely popular with people.

                                    red wine boxes
With the changes of the times and the continuous advancement of technology, the variety, alcohol content, and packaging of wine have undergone earth-shaking changes. Wine packaging has evolved from the original bamboo-nut shell-pottery-bronze-lacquer-porcelain-glass-metal-plastic-paper. Wine packaging is not only a vessel for wine, but also reflects culture and connotation, and is a powerful weapon for products to gain a competitive position in the market. It can be seen that packaging plays an increasingly important role in the overall concept of products. Today, the editor will take you to appreciate the design features of red wine packaging boxes at home and abroad.

                                     red wine boxes
A folio book-shaped box is a very popular simple packaging style now. The textured cardboard is environmentally friendly and special. Two bottles of wine can be placed in the box, and the lid is fixed with a girdle on the outside, which is in line with modern people. taste.

                                     red wine boxes
The structural design of this wine packaging box meets the two major requirements of consumers for carrying and storing wine. It can be hand-held or placed flat as a wine rack, bringing additional value to consumers.

                                     red wine boxes
An environmentally friendly red wine packaging. The combination of two cardboards can hold three bottles of red wine, and it is also very stable. It is suitable for friends gatherings and holiday gifts.
After seeing many kinds of high-end or beautiful packaging, this kind of very practical red wine packaging box will bring you unexpected surprises, coupled with its environmentally friendly creative design concept, one day Will become a major trend in the packaging industry. The ever-changing packaging materials have also allowed Chinese wine packaging to choose new packaging materials faster and more quickly. Only by making packaging a kind of competitiveness can it be regarded as successful packaging.

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