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This kind of wine box production technology,makes your packaging applauded

Published by admin 2022-12-20

For wine box packaging, the structure and pre-press design are critical, but the design of the production process is also inseparable from the quality of the wine box packaging. How to produce wine box packaging that is popular and popular among consumers, might as well take a look at the following suggestions.

                                        wine box production technology
Offset printing can print exquisite multi-level patterns to achieve accurate multi-color overprinting, but it is easy to produce color differences between batches and is difficult to control; the gravure ink layer is thick and full, and the color is stable; the screen printing ink layer is thick, feels good, and has a strong three-dimensional effect. The effects are diverse; the flexo printing process is flexible, but multi-color overprinting is not its strong point.

                                     wine box production technology
The packaging design of wine boxes should comprehensively apply various techniques to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses. The printing industry often uses film to protect the printed products, enhance the abrasion resistance of the printed products, and protect the edges and corners of the printed products. The screen printing process after laminating generally requires the surface tension of the film to be above 38mN/m, otherwise the adhesion of the screen printing ink will become poor and the ink will easily fall off; the matching requirements of the hot stamping material after laminating will also increase accordingly.

                                          wine box production technology
The packaging of wine must have individual characteristics and characteristics of origin. Liquor has a wide range of sales, and many packages do not show the origin or are not obvious, which does not reflect the cultural connotation of local liquor. Uniform geometric figures, block division, or gold plate paper plus product name, this form is understandable, but it lacks the characteristics of its own place of origin, and there is more packaging of this kind, and there is no brand of its own.
Only the more individualized, localized, and nationalized packaging can be more internationalized and recognized by the world.

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