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Common wooden red wine box introduction

Published by admin 2022-12-20

There are many kinds of wooden wine boxes commonly used in the market. Different wooden wine boxes can well display the price and grade of red wine. Many friends have a lot of difficulties in choosing wooden wine boxes. In response to this situation, Yidingpeng Everyone sorted out some related introductions, hoping to help friends and partners who buy wine boxes.
1. Imitation mahogany wine box
This type of wine box is mostly made of medium-density fiberboard (density board) with imitation red wood grain paper on the surface, with antique brass locks and jack hinges. The wine box is equipped with red silk/golden silk and foam. It is equipped with a conventional four-piece set. +Black flocking eva, 4-piece wine set: seahorse knife + cutter + pointed wine pourer (A-type wine pourer) + black flannel wine ring.
Specifications: General single imitation mahogany red wine box, double imitation mahogany red wine box.
Style: flip top. The spray paint has matte paint and bright paint, generally matte paint

                             wooden red wine box
2. Paulownia Wine Box Series
The characteristic of this type of red wine gift box is that the raw material paulownia is stable in the face of humidity changes. Compared with most other wood species, there is little shrinkage or expansion. Paulownia has high durability, light weight, and is not easy to rot and is not attacked by pests.
Specifications: There are single paulownia wine box, double paulownia wine box, three paulownia wine box, four paulownia wine box, six paulownia wine box, etc.
Style: flip, pull, paint and paint.

                               wooden red wine box
3. Pine Wine Box Series
This type of red wine box is made of Russian imported pine (mongolic pine and radiata pine), with a clear and natural solid wood color, showing the charm of nature, and the price is affordable. It is a common and popular outer packaging in wine packaging.
Specifications: Single pine wine box, double pine wine box, three pine wine boxes, four pine wine boxes, six pine wine boxes, etc.

                             wooden red wine box
Style: There are pine wood boxes such as flip, pull, and color, etc., which can be customized according to requirements.
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