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Creative production of wooden wine box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the rapid development of social economy, people's living standards are getting better and better, consumption is also constantly improving, and the requirements for the aesthetics and practicality of products are also constantly increasing. In order to compete in the market, merchants also spend a lot of time on product packaging. For example, the wine packaging boxes in daily life are plastic, carton, wooden, iron, aluminum, glass, etc. The materials of these packaging boxes are exquisite in style and unique in style. They are discarded after use, which not only wastes resources, but also causes certain pollution to the environment. Now the whole world advocates environmental protection and reuse of materials. Can the abandoned wooden wine box be used again? Of course it can. Today we will use wooden wine boxes to make some creative objects.

                                        wooden wine box
Wooden wine boxes are generally used to pack higher-grade red wine or foreign wine, and their packaging boxes are exquisitely designed and high-grade. Therefore, the recycling of wooden wine boxes is the most convenient and simple. Wooden wine boxes are generally rectangular or square, and we can reuse them according to the size of the wine box. Like a larger wooden wine box, we can design it into a flower pot stand, storage box, craft decoration and so on. We can design smaller wooden wine boxes into pen holders, napkin boxes, nut trays and other different objects. How to make these items? Let's talk about the simplest flower pot first.

                                                wooden wine box
Draw the vents of two flower pots on the bottom of the wooden wine box, then cut them with a knife, and then smooth the vents with sandpaper, and finally put the soil and plant the flowers on it. The wooden wine box can also be used as a napkin carton. A rectangular extraction opening is drawn on the upper layer of the wooden wine box, and then cut along the line with a knife, and then smoothed around the drawn extraction opening with sandpaper to prevent wood If you stabbed your hands or scratched the paper towels, put the paper napkins in at the end.

                                           wooden wine box
Wooden wine boxes can also be used as storage racks. We are looking for some large wine boxes. Then we fiddle with the wine box according to the height and shape we want. After finishing the fiddle, we use glue or nails to nail it together, and finally apply a layer of varnish or paste our favorite cardboard decoration. Wooden wine boxes can also be used for many things, we won't talk about them one by one here, and wait for you to discover them in your life.

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