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Creative wine box packaging, with design to create selling points

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Since ancient times, there have been many allusions about wine, such as the heroes of green plum boiled wine, Hongmen Banquet, Qianlong Qianlong Banquet and so on. As the saying goes, "One drunk relieves a thousand sorrows", it can also be seen that wine is very popular. As wine continues to evolve, so does wine packaging.
From the original bamboo-nut shell-pottery-bronze-lacquer-porcelain-glass-metal-paper, wine packaging is no longer just a tool for holding wine, more often it has become the "speaker" of wine. When people see all kinds of high-end, beautiful packaging or creative and practical red wine packaging, it will bring them unexpected surprises.

                                     Creative wine box packaging
In this wine packaging design, the designer adopted original illustrations and hand-painted expressions. In the picture, Qu Yuan is riding on Yu'er to welcome people's memorial to him. The overall style of the packaging is modern, rich in colors, strong visual impact, highly personalized and differentiated, giving Hejiu more "highlights", in line with the aesthetic and consumer needs of the new generation of consumers! When a dazzling array of products are placed together, products without personalized packaging can make it difficult for customers to stop and remember, and even generate a desire to buy.

                                    Creative wine box packaging
I believe many people will complain that the product packaging design is too traditional, there is no differentiation, and it suffers from serious homogeneity. As for red wine, most people don't really understand quality. At this time, the role of wine packaging is very important.

                                      Creative wine box packaging
The deer drawn with artistic dot painting technique is the main visual image, vivid and unique. The overall packaging is stylish and meaningful. The fast-paced life brings about changes in people's access to information. The design that can intercept information at a glance has become an accelerator in communication.

                                     Creative wine box packaging
In packaging design, the ability to quickly identify products is important. With the concept of "young and fun", the packaging is visually relaxed and humorous. The humorous packaging vision leaves a deep impression on people. As an authentic face control, as long as the packaging is good-looking and interesting, he seems to be particularly willing to pay.

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