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The packaging of this can of illustrated wine is up to you

Published by admin 2022-12-20

The development of illustration art has a long history. Illustration is an art form. As an important form of visual communication in modern design, it occupies a specific position in modern design with its intuitive image, real sense of life and beautiful appeal. Illustrations are widely used in various fields of society.


With the increasing commercialization of art and the emergence of new painting materials and tools, illustration art has entered the era of commercialization.
What I want to say today is, if illustrations are used on packaging, what unexpected effects will it have? The good wine is gone. You can tell from the name that this is a very interesting wine. The name uses a homophonic sound very cleverly.

This wine is divided into fruit wine, draft beer, and sparkling wine. The packaging design adopts an illustration style. Illustrate different types of wine with storytelling illustrations. The illustrations are imaginative, and the expressions of characters or animals are cute and interesting. The color matching is also very beautiful. If you can collect these series of packages and put them on the bookshelf at home, they will be very nice and artistic.

The editor thinks that the designer of this packaging must have taken his mind, the design is really good. You can learn from it, maybe it will bring you some design inspiration and inspiration. You have the final say on this pot, paint whatever you want!

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