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How to make the package design of wine box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

This box packaging design is very important. Many people who like wine usually don't know where to put the wine, put it here to be afraid of breaking, and put it there in case of mildew or taste change. At this time, we should use the wine box packaging, as the saying goes: good wine with good box! It has not only a very high-end appearance, but also a moisture-proof effect. It is not necessary to say that the appearance is so good. It is very good to put the wine in it. So the design of the box is very important. So, how is it made? Come and discuss with me about packing.

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The first aspect should be careful about the direction of design. When making different wine boxes, there will be different directions of packaging design. For example, Baijiu, packaging design is generally more advanced. If it is to make red wine, then it should be more tender and romantic. Different wine expresses different things, so the direction of packaging design is different.

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The second aspect is to refer to other brand packaging design. When making the packaging design of wine box, people may not know how to do better, most of them will have no idea. This is a simple reference to other brand packaging design, but many people think that they should not refer to other brand packaging design, worried that the design will be similar to other packaging, in fact, it is not so, refer to other brand packaging design, just to let people learn from it, not to extract other people's packaging design, And the results of the design may not be the same as other brands.

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The main thing is to have some ideas and characteristics. If you refer to the design of other people's wine box, you may bring some inspiration to yourself. So it is necessary to refer to other people's packaging design.

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