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How much do you know about wine box packaging?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Liquor is a liquid commodity. Nowadays, on the shelves of a shopping mall in a dazzling mall, the first thing that attracts people's attention is usually the outer packaging of the wine-the wine box. Wine box packaging plays a very important role in wine sales, especially in attracting consumers, increasing the added value of products, meeting consumers' spiritual needs and consolidating brand and corporate image, which is increasingly recognized by people.
At present, in the selection of wine box packaging materials, paper containers (cartons, paper tubes) still dominate, and the proportion of leather, wood, plastic and metal materials has increased than before. Bamboo, willow and grass still rarely use other natural materials. Cartons have advantages in paper containers. According to different wine grades, the choice of materials is also different:

                                              wine box packaging
1. Low-end wine box packaging carton
a, Use white cardboard of more than 350 grams for printing and film (plastic film), die cutting and forming.
b. In some cases, 300 grams of white cardboard is used to paste and paste it into the paper card, and then print, film and die-cut.
2. Mid-range wine box packaging carton
The printing surface is usually 250g-300g aluminum foil cardboard (commonly known as gold cards, silver cards, copper cards, etc.) and about 300g white paper, which must be laminated into a card. Paper, printing film and die cutting.
3. Wine box packaging and gift box packaging cartons
Most use cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm to manually install the exterior decorative surface and glue it to form.

                                            wine box packaging
How much do you know about wine box packaging?
It is particularly important to point out that corrugated boxes, E-shaped corrugated boxes and micro-corrugated boxes are rarely used in paper containers used for household wine box packaging. I personally think that sales promotion and publicity are not strong enough, and they are limited by many factors such as traditional habits and the production conditions of domestic manufacturers.
In addition, other packaging forms have also appeared in wine box packaging, such as wood material packaging and metal packaging, but paper materials and paper wine boxes are still the mainstream and development direction, and will be further expanded. Due to the light weight of the carton, excellent processing and printing performance, convenient operation, and no pollution to the environment, especially the current paper and cardboard have a variety of colors and colors, which can fully meet the requirements of designers. In our country, it should be emphasized that not only the outer shell of the wine box is made of paper, but the internal structure of the cushioning material should also promote the use of paper. In wine box packaging, E-type corrugated cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard and pulp molded paper should be promoted vigorously. Miniature corrugated cardboard, beautiful appearance, good cushioning performance, suitable for printing production. When designing, the packaging shell and internal components can be made of one material, and many of them can be formed in one form, thereby saving cost and space.

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In recent years, red wine boxes have increasingly represented the development trend of red wine boxes. As an imported product, red wine has high requirements on packaging, so the red wine box market has emerged. At present, the common red wine boxes on the market are made of wood and leather. Low-end red wines are generally made of wood, and high-end red wines are made of leather.
Use wine box packaging to occupy the wine market.

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More and more wine brands. How to occupy the red wine sales market has become the primary issue considered by all red wine producers. Beautiful red wine packaging boxes can greatly increase the sales of red wine and help red wine brands to better occupy the market. From the perspective of consumer psychology, how can we make our red wine packaging visually more influential in order to achieve sales effects? This is also an issue that our Color Printing Co., Ltd. has been considering. You can start with the following considerations:
1. Design: Not limited to the traditional rectangular parallelepiped, but also barrel-shaped, and some are only equipped with handbags. Due to the limited load-bearing capacity of paper products, they are mostly used in single-piece, boxed two-piece and three-piece packages, but more bottles are made only of wood. The colors are mainly simple, and classic colors such as red, black and gold are used repeatedly. One is based on dark colors, mainly dark black, deep red and brown, with bright colors printed with LOGO and other advertising icon sentences.
2. The choice of red wine packaging box: PET sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material that meets (ROSH) environmental protection requirements.
3. Choose a long-term stable wine box supplier: during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, etc. When the traditional festival comes, there will be a stable wine box supplier, which can better guarantee the development of red wine sales. Such as: Yiwu Zhuocheng wine utensils and so on.
4. Use your own company logo to customize wine packaging accessories and create a brand.

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