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Performance advantages of EPP wine box packaging

Published by admin 2022-12-20

"There are only a thousand cups of wine for friends". Wine has become an indispensable part of people's dinner table. Drinking for pleasure can also contribute to the warming of feelings.
In the shopping mall shelves full of beautiful things in eyes, the first thing that meets people's eyes is often the outer package of wine - wine box. Wine box packaging plays a very important role in the sale of wine, especially in attracting consumers, increasing the added value of products, meeting the spiritual needs of consumers, and consolidating the role of brand and corporate image, which is more and more recognized by people.

                                 EPP wine box packaging
At present, in the choice of packaging materials of wine box, paper container (carton, paper tube) still occupies the main position, the proportion of leather, wood, plastic, metal material has increased than in the past.
In the application of wine box, the most important thing is the protection performance, EPP wine box has excellent protection, because the elasticity of EPP material itself is better, and the compression and impact resistance, for general collision, the protection is very good.

                                EPP wine box packaging
EPP wine box also has the environmental protection performance of EPP material. As a protective material for wine, EPP wine box is widely used, but it can be recycled or reused, which reduces the environmental pollution caused by the use cost of EPP wine box. It is a real environmental protection product.

                                 EPP wine box packaging
EPP wine box for high and low temperature, physical and chemical corrosion are very good protection, will not be acid, alkali and oil corrosion, but also has a good waterproof performance. The protective performance of EPP wine box packaging is higher than that of other types of packaging. The high elasticity and high recovery of EPP packaging ensure the safety of wine bottle.

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