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Choose red wine wooden box customized to pay attention to what

Published by admin 2022-12-20

There are a lot of wooden box packaging of red wine on the market, looks high-end atmosphere grade, in fact, choose this kind of wooden wine box to do need to pay attention to a lot of details. For example, the size, material, processing technology, printing technology, storage and so on of the red wine wooden box. How can we successfully choose the right wine wooden box packaging?
First, the sales of red wine to do a simple positioning, in order to open the different price of products, in the choice of packaging should also pay attention to the packaging level, such as a red wine of about 100, there is no need to high-grade packaging. Low price of red wine is generally large, you can choose conventional red wine wooden box, such as pine single or double pull, flip, workshop perennial stock, can be delivered at any time, do not delay the demand for red wine user's time.

                                 wine wooden box
Two, about the size, the conventional size of the wooden box: single length, width and height 35*10*10cm, double length, width and height 35*19*10cm. Six pieces 35*27*19cm, special statement, the spot wooden box is mostly 34.5cm in length. No special requirements, Hongcraftsman crafts can be shipped randomly. The conventional wooden box is suitable for domestic and imported wine bottles, except for large-belly bottles or special specifications. It is suitable for standard wine bottles within 33CM in height and 7.0cm in diameter. Please state the diameter of the bottle before ordering the wooden box to avoid delay in use.
Three, for the positioning of mid-range red wine, we suggest that we do further processing on the basis of the generic wooden box, such as wooden box surface treatment, spray antique paint, custom special LOGO pattern, or widen the size of the wooden box, package modification packaging accessories, etc.

                                   wine wooden box
Four, the choice of high-end wine box, may mention the high-end wine box, it is estimated that the first time we think of the leather box, leather box is really high-end, but the cost is also difficult to accept, suitable for small batch or individual customers to use, more conventional black PU, brown PU, black diamond grain, six PU, etc.. The same wooden box also has high-grade packaging, spray paint or paste skin process is not a good choice, spray paint can reduce the deformation of the wooden box, better texture, while having a bright appearance, but also do not lose the unique natural color of wood. Imitation mahogany is the most popular packaging at the moment, the surface is rosy and bright, the texture is clear, the interior silk package, can be matched with wine, the overall structure is reasonable, the LOGO can screen printing gold or engraving brush gold, the grade is visible in general, the cost is also lower than the leather box, suitable for medium batch use.

                                       wine wooden box
Five, customized size requirements, the wine bottle is basically determined between 30-33.5cm, so the length of the wooden box does not need to increase, but after increasing the appearance of the wooden box, the height of the same reason, but the height can also be arbitrarily increased width, appropriate to increase 1-2cm. The first thing to see is the height and width when the wooden box is displayed. The larger the width, the more atmospheric the wooden box is. For the Great Wall series of red wine, the width is 3cm wider than the conventional width, so the Great Wall red wine wooden box is the size of 35*13*10. You can make it wider when you order it. Customers who first contact the wooden box packaging will not feel the wooden box is small when they see the conventional wooden box, but in the comparison of the larger size wooden box, they will obviously feel the difference in the texture of the wooden box. Two reasons in the face of the end customer group, the end customer will choose a larger size, Chinese people pay attention to gifts should be big not small, and do not pay attention to the inherent quality, so the appropriate amplification is to have a certain effect.

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