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Leather wine box and accessories, design technology revealed

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Wine is a kind of product, is the embodiment of high taste, is the reflection of high quality of life. So should the wine box. In the past, when it comes to wine packaging, it is certain to think of a leather wine box. It is undeniable that the leather packaging box by virtue of its unique leather texture, good tactile feeling, soft and rigid strength, and materials and appears to be precious. But it's expensive, takes up space, and bulky.
Nowadays, with the development of society and more and more abundant materials, people's aesthetic standards are gradually changing. Things that are too complicated and cumbersome can't win customers. In recent years, a few contracted, delicate paper wine boxes are more and more welcomed by numerous wine merchants.

                                           Leather wine box
Art Ding Peng focus on wine box packaging, adhering to the usual simple wind, for many brands of wine brands produced batch after batch of paper wine packaging boxes, increase the product value. Wine box packaging customized and let the product stand out in the fierce market competition, to attract many customers, how do we do it?

                                           Leather wine box
First of all, accurate and high-end material selection. Generally, the middle and low-end wine box packaging will choose corrugated paper as the main material to ensure its bearing capacity. But one problem is that the display is not very high-end. Can't embody the highest quality. In order to show the high quality appearance, we will choose special paper and cardboard as materials. Like this paper wine box. Is the selection of 157 grams of coated paper and gray board produced. The overall appearance is thick, wear-resisting and pressure-resisting.

                                           Leather wine box
The second is the high quality of the printing process. The paper wine box surface after light film treatment, the surface looks glittering and translucent bright, colorful, long time does not change color.
Again wine box box color selection and exquisite pattern Settings. This paper packaging adopts classic, durable black and gray as the main colors, more shows the protagonist's practical temperament, and the pursuit of high quality outlook on life. In addition, the surface of the wine box is not too much pattern, only a striking LOGO, so that customers are easier to remember the brand.
Finally, the wine packaging box insert can fix the inner bracket of the product, not only to show the product, but also to protect the product.

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