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Some Suggestions on the Package Design of Wine Box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Nowadays, the competition in the domestic wine market is becoming increasingly fierce. In addition to advertising and marketing, the outer packaging has also become a battlefield without gunsmoke. Packaging design and production have received unprecedented attention. Wine product packaging design is novel and tastful, and strive to highlight differentiation, personalized, and even humanization, in order to give consumers a fresh feeling, so as to stimulate their consumption desire, which has formed a consensus inside and outside the industry.
Graphic and text design is no longer a vanity decoration, pay attention to the principle and performance of the theme, strengthen the brand image and cultural connotation, pay attention to the attractiveness and allure of packaging, pay attention to the research of consumer psychology and accurate market positioning, pay attention to visual impact and shelf effect.

                                             Wine Box
In addition, the wine box packaging also has certain requirements for anti-counterfeiting. In addition to the design of the bottle mouth and cap of the packaging container, the packaging carton is generally used for anti-counterfeiting by means of destructive tearing when opening and affixed with anti-counterfeiting labels.
The competition in the domestic wine market is becoming more and more intense. The packaging of wine pays more attention to the traditional habits and cultural connotation, and even some manufacturers and distributors attach too much importance to and rely on the packaging. The wine box market is unprecedentedly prosperous, and behind this prosperity, there are also many hidden worries. Some domestic wine packaging can not keep relatively stable, packaging replacement is more frequent, not only caused a certain amount of waste, but also can not give consumers the overall brand impression.

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The packaging shape and structure design of wine box, in addition to the usual requirements, domestic wine box in order to pursue shelf effect and visual impact, generally increase the size, resulting in the space in the box, the buffer part increases, so that the transport volume increases accordingly. In addition, the excessive pursuit of packaging differentiation, personalized, emphasis on packaging design to have characteristics, highlights, in order to achieve the largest sales results. But the packaging design how scientific and reasonable, how to reduce the cost, how to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection is not considered much.

                                            Wine Box
The phenomenon of excessive packaging and shoddy production in wine box packaging is also serious. Packaging materials and environmental pollution has not caused enough attention, a large number of foam plastics, gold and silver cardboard and other indelible dye, to our environment has brought great pressure.
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