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How to analyze the grade of wine box and packaging process

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Low-grade liquor products generally use whiteboard offset printing, for equipment requirements is not high, only through a printing process of ink layer thick, enhance the grade of the product, in the process of printing through proper powder reach the purpose of smearing, non-stick flower, white board paper offset printing products are generally need to hot stamping, laminating, belling, mounted, die-cutting, pasting box after printing process.

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In the procurement of materials, low grade wine paper is 250-350g/m2 lower price of gray white board paper, ink can also be a little lower price of ordinary offset printing ink, can choose different effects of anodized aluminum to improve the product grade, the current market of white paper offset printing wine products are through the laminating process to protect the ink layer and waterproof, bearing. The glazing process is not applied on the wine box. Although the pre-coating film or environmental protection film has improved the working environment, it has a certain impact on the environment because of its difficult degradation.

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The rest of the environmental protection in smoke box package, good drug application of high-grade cigarette label, though still use paper containing aluminum foil, but had to remove non-biodegradable membrane layer, high-grade cigarette packs generally use silver foil paper and transfer of biodegradable UV offset printing, laser paper ChanAo trims combined printing machine or screen, although in the printing process is difficult, complex, the application of material is more, but in the process of making the environmental protection, such as offset printing after all is the effect of UV glazing or special UV light oil processing, screen printing type is UV ink special effects.

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High standard high-grade cigarette demand for paper and ink, paper surface treatment must be compatible with the ink, the ink used must meet the requirements of the cigarette package environmental protection but also to ensure the printing eligibility, the UV light oil used to consider the degree of smooth on the surface of the cigarette package, the wear-resisting performance of the ink is suitable for high speed cigarette machine, screen printing UV curing ink to ensure the adhesion strong, dry thoroughly after printing, creasing and die cutting edge ink off, before mass production, test to do first, best meet the requirements before mass production. Other cigarette labels using copperplate paper, white card paper gravure printing, the same paper, ink requirements are higher.

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