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How does an exquisite packaging box come into being?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the steady development of packaging technology, as well as the continuous renewal of printing and packaging technology, packaging box printing production process simplified many, now tell you the specific process
1, design
A lot of packaging box design is the enterprise or the customer has its own design or please design company design, because design is the first step, what kind of pattern or size, what structure, color and so on. Of course, the box printing factory also has the service to help customers design.

2, proofing
The first customized printing packaging box, generally need to play digital sample, a little more strict even need to print solid sample, because when playing digital sample, may be in mass printing with digital sample color difference, and printing machine solid sample can ensure that the mass production of color is consistent.
3, publishing
Proofing was determined, can batch of normal production, for packaging printing plant production, in fact this is the first step, the color box packaging color process is very beautiful, so the published version of the color is multifarious, very colorful box packaging not only has four basic colors, and color, such as red, blue, black, etc. These are for the color, is normal and four color has a difference. A few colors are a few PS printing plates, spot color is a unique one.

4, paper materials
The choice of color box packaging materials, in the proofing, is already determined, here about the type of paper used in the production of packaging box printing
- Single copper paper is also called white paper, suitable for color box packaging box, single box printing production, general weight: 250-400 grams commonly used.
- White board is paper with one side white and one side grey. It has white printing pattern. It is used as a single box, and some are used as a pit box.
- Copperplate paper with copperplate paper to do the packaging box, is generally used as a mounting paper, is printed on copperplate paper pattern, and then mounted on the gray board paper or wooden box, generally suitable for hardcover box packaging production.
5, printing
The printing process of the color box packaging box is very demanding. The existence of problems such as color difference, ink spot, inaccurate overprinting of needle position, scratching and so on will also bring trouble to the post-press processing.

6, printing surface treatment
Surface treatment, color box packaging box is common too light glue, too dumb glue, UV, too light oil, too dumb oil and bronzing etc..
7, die cutting forming
Die-cutting molding is a more important part of the post-press processing process, but also the last link, do not do well, the efforts in front of the will be wasted, die-cutting molding pay attention to indentation to do not burst line, do not die cutting inaccurate.
8, glue
Very colorful box packaging boxes need to be glued, glued with glue, and some special structure of the box does not need to be glued, such as the plane box and the cover of heaven and earth. After bonding through quality inspection can be packaged for shipment.
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