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Five advantages of wine box molding machine

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the arrival of industry 4.0 and the widespread use of 5G technology, many enterprises see the development trend of automation and intelligence in the packaging industry, and do not hesitate to introduce automation equipment such as linkage line and factory logistics, and wine box molding as wine box, deep barrel box and other products post-press processing equipment. It can be used for folding, packing, foaming and molding in one time. For enterprises, it can effectively improve production output. And the wine box molding machine mainly includes the following advantages:

                                      wine box
TG-WB25Z Automatic Wine Box Making Machine
1. Easy to operate: click the switch once, the whole set of actions can be completed once, workers only need simple guidance to operate on the machine.
2. Molded products can be shipped without drying, such as rotation of goods, effectively save space.

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3. Save labor: 20-25 times per minute, which is several times of the manual scraping efficiency of the gift box, can effectively save labor and reduce labor costs.
4. Good effect: use the machine for batch production, stable and unified quality. No bubbles, no scratches, box square, good product effect.
5. It can be configured with assembly line for mass and rapid production, or can be produced separately. The machine has movable casters, which can be moved and placed at will, flexible and convenient.

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