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Have seen so many wine boxes but don't know how to choose?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Wine box packaging for wine is not only the embodiment of the selling point of the product, but also the basis point and bridge of communication with consumers. Few wines on the market can be seen directly through the packaging, and most of them are motivated to buy by the product information conveyed by the packaging. Therefore, most of the wine box packaging in the design of the product itself in addition to consider the need to convey product information and brand information, as the wine box packaging designers in the design of the time will consider more how to start from the packaging to consider consumer demands. Today, I would like to introduce the importance of packaging for wine:

First, successful packaging is live advertising. The development of wine culture for thousands of years has reached a heyday. There are tens of thousands of wines on the market, and there are at least one hundred thousand brands. To tell the truth, there is not much difference between the brands. At this time, the comparison is the packaging. Lot friends think the taste of wine important enterprises, but in addition to the bartender, consumer often does not know at the time of purchase the taste of wine, they will usually used for packaging of wine taste and quality of arbitrary, to decide whether to buy, impression in consumers mind the proportion is bigger than we imagined, at this time of the personalized wine packaging design is particularly important.

Second, a good packaging material is the preservative of wine. Bottle packaging is becoming more and more diversified, and the common custom wine box packaging mainly includes ceramic bottles, glass bottles and plastic bottles. These bottles are chemically stable, which can isolate the odor of the outside world and prevent harmful substances from contaminating the wine inside. Glass bottles and plastic bottles can delay the volatilization of wine and minimize the loss of wine. Ceramic bottles are slightly permeable but do not leak, which can play a role in the aging process of raw wine. Good bottle packaging can not only attract the attention of consumers, but also ensure the pure taste of wine and extend the shelf life of wine.

Third, good packaging to the collectors of cultural and connotation of the enjoyment. Wine box packaging processing for bottle collection market in China, many are endowed with historical significance, or classic characters about wine bottle become collector's choice, because of the historical and cultural meaning of bottle wine will also increase, the value of sales will also turn over a few times, nature, after all, no manufacturer of bottle will be single for collecting and producing a bottle of wine.

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