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What design elements are included in the design of wine box packaging

Published by admin 2022-12-20

The wine box packaging design should have those elements to the beneficial planning of these elements, today and you talk about the wine box packaging design in those design elements, the common design elements are:
Of all the design elements, the first thing that catches people's attention is the color of the wine box packaging. The color in the packaging design of the wine box infuses vitality into the packaging and makes it more expressive and persuasive. Wine box packaging in the traditional colors of red and yellow in the majority. Red symbolizes jubilation, auspiciousness and happiness, and it is the national color of China. As a traditional color, it has a deep folk foundation. The love for red reflects the Chinese people's demand for the traditional aesthetic psychology of virility, truthfulness and brilliance. Red also symbolizes masculine beauty, which is in line with the fiery "character" of Chinese liquor. The attention to secular life and the pursuit of happy, auspicious and active life of the wine box packaging manufacturers enrich the associative category and symbolic meaning of red.

Text art
Chinese characters are precious treasures of the history and culture of the Chinese nation. After thousands of years of development and evolution, the unique art of calligraphy has been formed through different forms such as oracle bone script, large seal script, small seal script, official script, regular script, running script and cursive script. Therefore, the character itself is the representative of traditional culture inheritance. Half of the names or trademarks of traditional wine packaging will use calligraphy font. Calligraphy is the treasure of Chinese character art and culture. The use of calligraphy art to display products makes the content more vivid, has artistic conception, adds the cultural heritage of the character flavor, and makes it full of unique personality.

In the packaging design, graphics is the main undertaker of information on modern wine packaging design, graphics have rich expressive force, it is intuitive and vivid to recommend products to consumers. Often by meaning and shape, the ideographic graphics into the decorative material, which often can accurately convey product information and visual effects to consumers.

Wine box packaging design mainly to the traditional graphics blue and white porcelain, dragon, Chinese knot and other decorative graphics with auspicious meaning. Blue and white porcelain has a long history, the use of this graphic design, a good interpretation of the traditional Chinese cultural elements; In traditional culture, the dragon is the symbol of authority and good luck. The dragon pattern indicates peace and good fortune. The Chinese knot is a symbol of peace and happiness in traditional culture. The application of these traditional patterns can convey the cultural implication of liquor to consumers in a short time, and show the traditional Chinese culture through the interpretation and application of graphics.
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