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Some Suggestions on Chinese Wine Box Packaging Design

Published by admin 2022-12-20

In the face of a variety of drinks and various wines on the market, wine box packaging has already become a bright spot to attract people's attention, exquisite design, unique bottle type for them to add a lot of color. Now more and more people have noticed that in fact, the packaging design of wine box, as an important link in the packaging, is crucial for ensuring product quality and shaping product personality.
Wine box packaging design is a part of the packaging, its function mainly has two points: one is publicity, plays a role in the promotion of wine, which is the basic function of wine box packaging customization, but also wine box packaging manufacturers want to do; The second is the beauty, as an integral part of the wine box packaging, the wine box packaging can play a role in the finishing point. At present, some manufacturers in the choice of wine box packaging, excessive emphasis on its anti-counterfeiting effect and its design technical content is closely related, but the decisive effect is not the product itself, but the national laws and regulations and consumer self-protection consciousness.

                                 Wine Box Packaging
In recent years, the anti-counterfeiting of wine products has been paid more and more attention by manufacturers. As a part of packaging, the anti-counterfeiting function and production form of wine box packaging have also been developing towards diversification. Multiple anti - counterfeiting wine box packaging design is widely used by manufacturers.

                                     Wine Box Packaging
Although the anti-counterfeiting wine box packaging design style is changing, but there are still many enterprises continue to copy.

                                     Wine Box Packaging
Throughout the foreign wine box packaging design, its characteristics are rich and colorful and stable. Most of them are simple in appearance and exquisite in design. Advanced printing technology makes them uniform in color and fine in design, giving people a delicate and elegant feeling. , the packaging style of the wine box mostly adopts the modern design mode, which changes quickly.

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