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Whether a good Baijiu is popular depends on its wine box packaging design

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the development of liquor consumption group getting younger and younger, liquor packaging design is also changing from the traditional direction to the younger gradually. How to do a "younger" liquor packaging design? Xiaobian here summarizes several directions for you:
1. Wine box packaging bottle design and wine box design is simple and generous full of personality, personality of the packaging design become a visual symbol, break the traditional liquor packaging design adhere to the traditional formal image.

2. Innovative cartoon techniques. Customized wine box packaging uses cartoon forms favored by young people to explain the group characteristics of young people, and rich illustration scenes fully attract emotional resonance of consumers.

3. The use of colorful packaging, a variety of color packaging reject the traditional liquor packaging common red, blue and gold and other inherent images, or youthful, or fresh and elegant, narrowing the distance between the young consumer groups.

4. The design of wine packaging into the funny humor or life philosophy of the advertising language, reject the traditional old brand product name, wine box packaging manufacturers to add the concept of interactive viral advertising communication, trigger the independent communication of consumers.
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