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Gift wine box printing points detailed explanation

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Wine gift box in the process of production is very important is the printing job, it's like we usually use the printer to print documents there is a lot of things need to be aware of, including said the size of the paper and the gap of design is to be adjusted, and the box in the printing when there are many places need to be aware of, take a look at below, the main points of the packaging printing.

1, general packaging design of that computer software is commonly used when the PS, AI, such as the design of software are there will be two different color patterns, like we usually more common RGB model belongs to a spontaneous light color, but this is part of a pattern when printed is not exactly the same color, or after printed and the color of the original computer is there will be some color difference, so such as gift boxes in the design of time as far as possible in order to meet the needs of the printing will use CMYK mode, In fact, the color of this mode represents the effect of the reflected light, but there may be some colors that are not available in different printing equipment.

2, after the design is the need for bare white leakage, mainly in order to avoid when printing may be the problems of inaccurate, often have free may be out of the color of two adjacent colors, so in order to avoid the occurrence of this kind of situation need to be processing in advance, generally at the time of expanding color choose light color is more suitable.

The above is a detailed explanation of the key points of the gift box in printing. The packaging needs to be considered in combination with the design during printing. If it is not operated in accordance with these rules, even if it has good equipment, the printing effect can not meet the expected demand.

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