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Refuse to follow suit and customize your own personalized wine box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Big brands become big brands because they have been imitated and never surpassed. Wine merchants want to be easily remembered, give people a good impression, first of all, we must spend some thought on the wine box, after all, people are the first to see the wine box, and then see the wine inside the box

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In this era where everything can be copied and pasted, if merchants dream to improve their sales by imitating the wine box packaging of big brands, they will never become big brands. No matter how successful they are in copying, they will only be copycats. If you want to be a big name in the wine industry, you have to find the right direction for your development, starting from customizing the personalized wine box.

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It doesn't make sense to take someone else's wine box, change the color, change the label. Customize your own unique wine box, you can carefully observe how others' wine box is customized, the advantages can be used for reference, but not blindly copy. Find out what makes your wine unique and highlight it on the package. Once this feature is accepted by the public, the strategy of opening up sales through packaging is half the battle. Even if your wine is the same as others in taste, taste and even technology formula, but your wine culture and wine brand must not be the same as others. This is what makes your wine unique, and it must be displayed on the box.

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Wine box as the wine section of the outer packing box, not careless. Although the country now advocates frugal packaging, do not cause unnecessary luxury waste on packaging. However, this does not prevent people from designing customized boxes for their own wine style. Wine box whether it is high grade or ordinary, can not follow the trend of imitation of others' brand wine box packaging. Refusing to follow the trend and customizing personalized wine boxes for themselves is the most important thing for wine merchants to think about. More customized wine box problems, welcome to consult.

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