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Wine box packaging four kinds of printing process

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Since ancient times, wine is to show the carrier of Chinese traditional culture and connotation, wine packaging is a direct and vivid expression of Chinese wine culture. After the baptism of history, contemporary wine packaging has been endowed with more innovative ideas and advanced technology. Carton is an important form of wine packaging.
Most modern wine boxes are bright in color, which is mainly due to the development and innovation of printing technology. Wine box printing is a combination of various printing processes, which not only has the advantages of traditional offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing and flexo printing, but also integrates some new printing technologies. At the same time, these printing techniques themselves are constantly evolving and improving.

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Screen printing technology has the advantages of thick ink layer, rich graphic layer, strong three-dimensional sense, a wide range of printing materials and so on, is widely used in high-end wine box printing. Especially the use of UV screen printing ink for printing, not only can show sanding, refraction, ice flowers, wrinkles and other special effects on the wine box, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection, in line with the current industry development.

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Special glossy printing technology is a popular new technology in the field of packaging printing in recent years, and has been widely used in the field of wine box printing. Special gloss printing process mainly includes metallic gloss printing, pearlescent printing, pearlescent printing, refraction printing, matte printing and so on.
Anti-counterfeiting ink printing is an important branch of wine packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, which has the advantages of simple operation, low cost, good concealment, bright color, convenient inspection, strong reproducibility and so on. It is worth noting that in order to achieve the ideal anti-counterfeiting effect through this printing method, it is necessary to fully consider the selection of printing methods and printing equipment, the processing and processing of printed matter, the use of anti-counterfeiting ink and other factors, these factors are very demanding.

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Polychromatic printing, also known as "cross-color printing" and "rainbow printing," is achieved by embossing. Before printing, several separators are placed in the ink box, and then different colors of ink are placed on different partitions according to printing requirements. In printing, ink in adjacent partitions is mixed by a series of rollers and then transferred to the surface of the plate. Through this printing process, many colors can be printed at once, with soft intermediate tones. In addition, it is difficult to see the marks of ink groove segmentation on the surface of the printed matter with the naked eye, so this printing method can also play a certain role in anti-counterfeiting, especially in the large area of shadow printing, the anti-counterfeiting effect is more prominent.

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