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How to use wine box packaging to enhance the added value and cultural influence

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the prosperity of Chinese wine industry, people gradually realize the precious value of traditional wine culture. Liquor culture has a direct impact on the creative design of liquor packaging. The material carrier of liquor packaging carries a long history and culture, and increases the ideological and cultural content of products and the added value of products, so as to realize the differentiation of liquor products. This is also the reason why many merchants are always working hard on the packaging and processing of wine boxes.
1. Demand for the change of consumption concept
At the present stage, the social income is increasing, people's consumption concept, life style are changing. People's drinking more reflects a kind of cultural consumption tendency, because alcohol plays an irreplaceable role in economic communication, reciprocity and emotional communication. In this sense, the penetration of wine culture in the design of wine packaging has been a means to guide the purchase behavior, it enables people to achieve the appreciation of wine through cultural experience, to meet the dual needs of emotion and material.

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2. The need to spread wine culture
Traditional wine culture is closely related to people's life. As a special cultural carrier, it reflects the essence of social culture and national culture. It is a direct way to spread wine culture to embody traditional wine culture elements in wine packaging. It enables people to understand wine culture, experience wine culture, and further understand the enterprise culture through the display of packaging visual effects after busy and intense work.

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3. Demand for brand building
The traditional wine culture is the core of the wine brand, the deeper the wine culture of the product, the longer the development of the brand. As an important material carrier of a brand, wine packaging plays an immeasurable role in shaping corporate culture and brand personality. Liquor box packaging manufacturers through the liquor packaging design, people can obtain a variety of information about the wine culture, and then feel the brand value, establish a brand image, but also conducive to corporate culture communication.

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4. Promote the demand for the development of wine packaging
The intensification of competition in the liquor market has led to the gradual elimination of some liquor packaging lacking in cultural design. The demands of liquor enterprises and consumers have forced liquor packaging design to innovate and develop continuously. Reflecting wine culture in the design is helpful to build the image of cultural packaging, so as to enhance the added value of the brand and the competitiveness of the product, which is the necessary means to seek long-term development of wine packaging in the future.

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