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What kind of wine box packaging design makes your brand more marketing power

Published by admin 2022-12-20

What kind of wine box packaging design can make their products have more marketing power, which has been thinking about. The so-called people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. Good products also need good packaging to achieve a certain value. So what kind of trend should the packaging design of wine have in the future?
1. Simplification of wine packaging design
At present, many of them are over packaged in China, but they are relatively simple in foreign countries. With the traditional packaging more cumbersome materials replaced by innovative materials, packaging is doing subtraction.

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2. Personalized wine box packaging design
With the development of the Internet, people are faced with more and more choices, at the same time, the choice is more and more personalized. The mapping of circle economy effect to wine making industry is the emergence of personalized customized products. From wine quality to packaging, customized products are deeply benchmarked with a certain group of people.

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3. Wine packaging culture
At present, when it comes to culture, we have traditional history and culture in mind. This is not completely equivalent to the culture of wine packaging. Culture is not a simple addition of labels, but a kind of creation, creating a new way of life in modern life. Talking about culture is not about drying antiques and cooking cold rice.

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4. Environmental protection of wine box packaging
"With the improvement of health concerns, the Baijiu industry is also increasingly concerned about the nuisance free packaging of Baijiu and the use of wine packaging processing rings." "For example, Feitian Maotai, Wuliangye and Guojiao 1573 all have the characteristics of green and environmental protection. Because they use delicate card boxes or PVC transparent boxes instead of expensive hand-made boxes. "

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