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Discover the great wisdom of wine box design

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Wine packaging design is really a university asked, a lot of people in the wine packaging design requirements are just stay on the simple level of very not good-looking, without systematic and data-driven evaluation and positioning, there is no value in order to enhance the image of wine as a reference standard, to design a good wine packaging need to start from the following points:

1. The crowd positioning of wine
Wine packaging purpose is to enhance the value of wine, so first determine our wine is which kind of, or to send those populations, the crowds, when we can have a preliminary crowd portrait, how old, various preferences, consumption situation, like in those places, usually used to focus on what, and so on and so forth, can we more than our wine box shape, color collocation, etc have a preliminary judgment.

2. Price positioning of wine
There are several factors to determine the pricing of a wine, such as cost, transportation, profit ratio, etc. Only after we know the cost of wine can we choose a good wine box packaging design drawing, and decide the material of the box with a reasonable budget, including the bottle and the outer box.

3. Value orientation of wine
There are many different kinds of wine on the market, various types, all kinds of degree is multifarious, when consumer is choosing some vacant, wine box packaging processing so many popular wine will give added something of value, let the consumer to buy wine is not only just bought a bottle of wine, the value orientation of this wine can be product into a lot of sales.

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