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What are the common packaging box materials

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Packaging box, as the name suggests, is used for packaging products. It can be classified according to the material, such as wooden box, paper box, cloth box, leather box, iron box, acrylic box, corrugated packaging box, etc. It can also be classified according to the title of the product, such as gift box, wine box, chocolate box, pen box, food packaging box, tea packaging box, etc. Now it has evolved into a mixture of wood, paper and other materials. Box function: to ensure the safety of products in transportation, improve the grade of products, etc.

                   Wine box packaging
1, single powder paper: single powder paper and surface coated paper (single glossy coated paper) paper one side light, one side dumb, as long as the smooth surface can be printed; Can end the printing of various colors, about the color of unlimited; After printing, the commonly used surface treatment process is: over glue, over UV, hot stamping, bump.
2, double copper paper: double copper paper refers to double-sided coated paper. Double-sided coated paper is a kind of coated paper, which is double-sided coating. Both sides have good smoothness. This kind of material is better used, and now it is better done by Jun Industry Packaging and Printing.

                     Wine box packaging
3, pit paper: pit paper is a smooth kraft paper and wavy paper (collectively referred to as paper core) mounted, is one of the important materials of paper packaging. Relative to ordinary paper more straight, bearing can be stronger. Commonly used are single pit, double pit, three pit. Can achieve a variety of color printing, but the effect is not as good as single copper paper. After printing, the commonly used appearance treatment process: over glue, over UV, hot stamping, bump.

                   Wine box packaging
4, special paper: special paper is a paper with special use and relatively small output. Specialty paper all kinds of heavy and complicated, use on here saying let's packaging: the embossed paper, decorative pattern, adopt a "setting" pearl pattern paper, adopt a "star" metal pattern paper, gold paper, etc., through special processing, the papers can improve packaging quality level, embossing embossing class can't printing, hot stamping only appearance, star mining, gold can be four color printing paper, etc.
5, used in the manufacture of box structure, appearance framed a single layer powder paper may be of special paper, commonly used color have black, white, grey, yellow, the thickness of the cardboard have various grades, according to the requirements of bearing selection, if framed is single powder, the process, together with the single powder box if framed the specialty paper, most can only be hot stamping, part to achieve a brief printing, but the printing effect is poor.

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