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What material is used in the design of high-grade liquor packaging box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

In addition, the wine packaging box has also appeared wood material packaging, metal packaging and other forms of packaging, but paper materials, paper wine box is still the mainstream, is also the direction of development, and will be further expanded. Because the paper box is light, has the excellent processing, the printing performance, the processing is convenient, does not pollute the environment, especially now the paper and the cardboard design and color variety, has everything, can fully meet the designer's requirement. In China, it should be emphasized that not only the outer shell of the wine box is made of paper, but also the buffer material of the inner structure should be advocated. E type corrugated board, micro corrugated board, paper pulp mold paper should be vigorously advocated in the packaging of wine box. Miniature corrugated board, beautiful appearance, good buffering performance, suitable for printing. When the design of packaging shell and inner parts can be unified for a material, many can be made into a version of the molding, both save cost and save space.

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In recent years, red wine box more and more can represent the development trend of wine box, red wine as an exotic, high requirements for packaging, so the red wine box market emerged at the historic moment, the current market common red wine box has wooden and leather, wood is generally used for low-end red wine, leather for high-grade red wine.
Wine brands are increasing, how to occupy the red wine sales market become the primary problem of each wine producers consider, a beautiful red wine packaging can greatly promote sales of red wine, is conducive to wine brand occupy the market better, everyone will tell from the consumer psychology, how can you make your own wine packaging has more visual wallop to achieve the effect of sales, This is a problem that has been under consideration. We can start with the following points:

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1, red wine packaging box selection: PET sheet material is considered to meet the environmental protection requirements of an ideal packaging material.
2. The design of red wine packaging box: not limited to the traditional cuboid, but also round barrel type, and some only equipped with handbag. Due to the limited load-bearing capacity of paper products, most of them are used for single, double and triple in boxes, but more bottles are only used for wooden classes. Color also is given priority to with contracted, red, black, gold and other classic colors are used repeatedly. One is based on dark color, multi-purpose deep black, dark red, coffee, with bright color LOGO and other advertising icon statement.

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3, choose long-term stable wine box suppliers: in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival and other traditional festivals approaching, there is a stable wine box suppliers, can better ensure the development of wine sales.
The above is the material description of the use of high-end wine boxes. If you want to customize high-end wine boxes, you can consult us!

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