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Why is paper wine box still the mainstream of wine box packaging

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the rapid change of modern industries, many manufacturers of liquor box packaging materials in the wine box, the application of a variety of materials to manufacture liquor box.

                                           paper wine box
For example: wood material packaging, metal packaging and other packaging forms of liquor box, but it is not difficult to find that paper materials, paper liquor box is still the mainstream in the market, is also the direction of development, and will be further expanded.

                                          paper wine box
Because the paper box is light, has the excellent processing, the printing performance, the processing is convenient, does not pollute the environment, especially now the paper and the cardboard flower variety, has everything, can fully meet the designer's requirements. In China, it should be emphasized that not only the outer shell of the wine box is made of paper, but also the buffer material of the inner structure should be advocated.

                                         paper wine box
E type corrugated board, micro corrugated board, paper pulp mold paper should be vigorously advocated in the packaging of wine box. Miniature corrugated board, beautiful appearance, good buffering performance, suitable for printing. When the design of packaging shell and inner parts can be unified material, many can be a version of the molding, both save cost and save space.

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