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What are the common types of red wine box design?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Before the wine packaging box design is completed, you need to determine what type of box and what material box to use. Next, Yidingpeng will introduce to you, what types of wine packaging boxes are designed? The details are as follows:
Red wine wooden box
Generally include wood wine boxes (materials are cedar, pine, etc.), imitation mahogany wine boxes (materials are high-density boards, etc.), and they are mostly used for high- and mid-range wine packaging.

                                          red wine box design
Metal wine box
The metal material wine box has a small sales market and is not widely used. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy profiles, iron, and other aluminum alloys.

                                          red wine box design
Oak barrel
The purpose of storing red wine in brand new oak barrels is to allow the red wine to fully absorb the essence of oak and give the red wine a certain level of oxidation. The type and total amount of red wine absorbed substances and the lightness and heaviness of the oxidation level immediately affect the look and feel of the red wine, and this very large level lies in the selection of brand new oak barrels. Therefore, the first thing the bartender must do before making wine is to select suitable brand new oak barrels.

                                     red wine box design
Red wine paper box
Corrugated paper, cardboard, and specialty paper are mostly used for wine cartons. Because the raw material is paper plate, it is conducive to secondary recycling and reuse. The shape design can be diversified and other processing techniques can be easily carried out. Therefore, wine cartons are commonly used in wine packaging. Above the box.

                                   red wine box design
Wine leather box
Most wine leather boxes (wine leather boxes) are made of artificial leather such as PU and PVC. The cloth packaging is more suitable for the characteristics of red wine. In terms of volume, it can be divided into single, double and multiple containers.

                                 red wine box design
The choice of material in the design of the red wine packaging box can affect the cost of the packaging, and can also reflect the value of the product through the sense of material and design. Therefore, the choice of the type of packaging box is very important. Shenzhen Yidingpeng is a well-known brand design company in China. Over the years, we have provided companies with brand design, brand marketing planning, brand management design services, including logo design, VI design, brand image design, product packaging design, album design, product photography and e-commerce design services.

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