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Do you know why red wine is packaged in color boxes?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With people's pursuit of individuality and class, the sales of red wine greatly increased. In order to adapt to different types of red wine, red wine packaging boxes also appear different styles and different materials, such as common red wine leather box, red wine wooden box, red wine color box, etc., the following Xiaobian for you to analyze, why the use of red wine packaging color box.
1, red wine, leather box, wine box with high imitation wine "leather box and two leather wine box, which specifically according to different material, red leather box is divided into many types, mainly according to the customer request custom development, generally red leather box with makings is more exquisite, price higher than the red wine box, belongs to more high-grade red wine packaging.
Cortex demand is also very large, cortex and wood generally combined together, the internal use of wood outside the use of leather packaging, which is the red wine leather box.

2, red wine wood box: red wine wood packaging box is also a more popular red wine packaging box in the market, mainly include: red wood box, pine box, rosewood box, oak box, cherry wood box, etc.
The most used material in the box of red wine is pine wood, which is the most used material, because the material of pine wood is strong, firm and has a long storage time.

3, red wine color box: color box using special aseptic paper packaging materials, such as Tetra Pak bag, Tetra Pak diamond, has the characteristics of convenient consumption, easy to carry, low cost, and because of the particularity of packaging materials, paper box packaging can effectively prevent the oxidation of red wine. In addition, the color box packaging can do the same wooden box and leather box gorgeous atmosphere, and the flexibility of the color box packaging is much higher than the wooden box, add some shockproof pad inside, is not afraid of the bottle is easy to break.

Current, there is no package normally on the red wine market in Europe, and the box of a lot of red wine on home market is dealer oneself do, what we buy is red wine, the box cannot change taste, should know the businessman won't do business at a loss. We can not because of other people's views on the denial of their own choice, walk their own way to let others say!

Color box packaging may not be as good as wooden box packaging and leather box packaging, everyone's values and ideas are not the same, buy wood box packaging of red wine is not necessarily a strong and high-grade wooden box packaging, may just be inspired by the next stage, to buy wood box packaging of red wine.
Through my introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the packaging of red wine. In fact, I think that no matter the red wine packaging box is wood box or color box, they can not replace the red wine itself, only to a certain extent to foil its temperament.

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