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How to reduce the production cost of wine boxes?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Many people in the industry believe that the low cost and high quality of wine box packaging are based on design, rather than workshop production and quality control. This view is not unreasonable. The following author talks about the experience of years of working in the wine box packaging design.
Structural material selection
Because wine bottles are mostly made of glass, ceramics, crock and other materials, which are easy to break, the packaging of wine boxes must support the wine bottles. Commonly used support materials include cardboard, gray cardboard, and MDF. In addition to the main support materials for high-end wine box packaging, high-end facial paper and silk fabrics with special effects are usually used. When selecting structural materials, attention should be paid to not only meeting the transportation requirements, making the structure strong, but also having the product display function.

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Auxiliary accessories
Auxiliary accessories mainly refer to various metals, plastics, flocking seats, styrofoam, etc. The selection of auxiliary parts requires special attention to control costs, so as to avoid the situation that wine box packaging and printing companies have worked hard to produce a wine box packaging without a supplier's auxiliary parts with high profits.

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Main accessories
Complicated high-end wine box packaging is composed of many accessories. Usually these accessories have the same material composition, but different shapes and sizes. The cost of main accessories has a huge space for compression. In order to reduce this part of the cost, designers must be proficient in the imposition process and the specifications of conventional materials on the market, and should not be swayed at will.

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Graphic design
Graphic design mainly deals with the pattern, color, text, barcode and other content on the wine box packaging. Design documents need to deal with trapping, and the colors that can be overprinted should be overprinted as much as possible to reduce the difficulty of printing and proofreading; screen printing, hot stamping, embossing graphics and texts that require registering must be scaled according to their size to reduce the amount of overlap The problem of waste products caused by inaccuracy; when large-area hot stamping and embossing, since the hot stamping plate and embossing plate are usually made of metal, it is necessary to adjust the image on the hot stamping plate and embossing plate according to the hot and cold expansion coefficient of the plate. The overall reduction of the text, if it is a copper plate, generally requires a reduction of 99.85%; the hot stamping graphic lines or graphic spacing should not be less than 0.1mm.

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Imposition design
Imposition design should pay attention to comprehensive consideration of the processing width of multiple equipment and the utilization rate of materials. The opening specifications should be as close to the conventional as possible, so as to avoid waste due to not purchasing special specifications of materials; in order to facilitate the imposition opening, further modifications should be developed. The habit of cutting line diagrams; also combine the processing capabilities of each process and consider the relationship between the number of heads and the order volume. The larger the layout, the better. Don’t enter the misunderstanding of "the more the number of joints, the more economical"; the map needs to be overprinted between multiple processes. The text should be arranged as close to the edge of the mouth and the side of the rule; it is also necessary to avoid unnecessary waste of time due to improper imposition of the color correction; the various measurement and control strips of the layout should be added correctly.
The above is the wine box design method organized by Shenzhen Yidingpeng Packaging Design Co., Ltd. For customers who want to customize wine boxes, please consult us quickly!

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