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Red wine packaging design to master differentiation, so as to win consumers

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the gradual formation of a healthy drinking atmosphere and the continuous improvement of national consumption levels, the demand for red wine consumption has changed from following the trend of perceptual consumption to the current analytical rational consumption. High-quality products with a certain popularity, reputation, and differentiation have become consumers. The first choice of the person.

                                    Red wine packaging design
Differentiated thinking makes packaging design have unique creativity and visual experience. To measure the uniqueness of red wine packaging, it is necessary to observe its differences from the perspective of different senses.

                                  Red wine packaging design
A good product must meet the needs of consumers, and the core of design is people-oriented. The special product of red wine can be transformed into different attributes in different consumption occasions. It can be the memory between friends, the sweetness between family members, the weapon among businessmen, and the gifts for high-end visits.

                                  Red wine packaging design
Grasping the needs of target consumers and showing them in product design is the basic quality of wine packaging design. For example, festive products mostly use gold and red as the main colors, with cheerful and bright tonality; mid-to-low-end product design should be cost-effective, and packaging should be expressive and tension; high-end product design should be subtle and noble, showing scarce quality, and containing culture value.

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