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How is the design scheme of the high-end red wine gift box?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the improvement of living standards, many people hope to change their original consumption habits. Therefore, the packaging design of high-end red wine gift boxes is to better meet the physiological and spiritual needs of consumers and make life more comfortable and fresher. Good wine box packaging can enhance the company's image and add some added value. The design of the high-end red wine gift box is not groundless, its design techniques and strategies are regular, function is the basis of form, and shape is the basis of function. The packaging strategy and design plan of red wine must be based on the function of red wine. Under the premise of satisfying the function of red wine packaging, various packaging strategies, design methods and methods of red wine packaging are required, and the form of expression can reflect the inherent charm of red wine as a market commodity.

Recently, there are many kinds of red wine on the market. The quality and price of most similar products vary little. Especially for famous French wines like Lafite, companies must first establish their own unique product image to make red wine products stand out in market competition. The well-combined red wine gift box packaging is not a simple and random combination, but a high-end red wine gift box that requires science and a lot of practice.

Lafite is a premium red wine. Only through detailed guidance and planning of the high-end wine gift box strategy, can we tailor the appropriate red wine packaging for the launched products. Therefore, the packaging design of wine packaging boxes must pay attention to the strategy of wine packaging. The following is a detailed introduction by Yidingpeng Red Wine Packaging.

One is the wine packaging design scheme that highlights the corporate image
This wine packaging strategy is mainly aimed at packaging produced by imported companies. Its high-end red wine gift boxes are very eager to express themselves through the good impression of the company in the hearts of consumers, and to strengthen consumers' trust in the company through stable and good product quality. Corporate visual design unifies the impression of corporate products and places them on the shelves. The sense of wholeness is easy to attract people's attention, thereby stimulating consumers visually, leaving a deep impression on consumers, making them buy as they want, achieving the purpose of publicity and increasing sales.

The second is that the health care product packaging design program highlights the cultural heritage of the product
Wine is a product with a certain production history and regional characteristics. It always contains a strong cultural heritage in the place of production. When designing the wine packaging of such products, it can highlight the traditional cultural background and image with strong local characteristics, express a long historical story to consumers through the packaging, and depict a beautiful landscape. There are many traditional local foods in China. Through this wine packaging strategy, the cultural and local characteristics of the product can be highlighted and the market attractiveness of traditional foods can be increased. As shown in the figure below, the packaging of health care products highlights the historical and cultural heritage of the products.

Third, the packaging design plan highlights the purpose and purpose of the product
The color, graphics and combination of the red wine box packaging can tell consumers what kind of product the product is, where to use it, how to use it best, and how to use it after use. The packaging methods of red wine gift boxes mainly include high-end consumer products that are rare in daily life, such as Lafite wine, which can design domestic products with outstanding performance. The above is the problem of high-end red wine gift box packaging.

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