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Study on the moisture-proof property of red wine leather case

Published by admin 2022-12-20

When we use wine packaging, we generally use more wine leather boxes, so we should also pay attention to the moisture-proof problem of wine leather boxes, so as not to affect the red wine and wine utensils in the wine boxes.

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Red wine leather boxes are mainly made of PVC, PU leather and other synthetic leathers. If you want to explore whether it can prevent moisture problems, you can observe the characteristics and moisture resistance of PVC and PU leather. PVC and PU leather have the characteristics and effects of moisture-proof and moisture-proof. What's more, the wine leather box is also made of this material. If it has a rough and simple texture to the touch, it means that it does contain this kind of production. material. The leather case made of PVC leather is relatively inferior to PU leather in terms of moisture resistance, but strictly speaking, it also has a certain moisture resistance effect.

                            red wine leather
It is not advisable to frequently open the packaging buttons on the surface of the wine leather box, and it is not advisable to keep it open during storage, because the wine utensils and red wine are usually contained inside, which will cause external moisture to enter the interior of the leather box, and moisture problems will be caused. Affect the quality and taste of red wine. After putting the red wine into the leather box, check whether the button of the leather box is fastened. If it is too loose, the leather box will loosen by itself.

                             red wine leather
When storing, we should put the wine leather box in an indoor environment with suitable dry and humidity. It is recommended to use professional instruments to test the indoor humidity and dryness, so as to prevent the humid environment from affecting the red wine and wine utensils. The environment where the wine box is placed should not be too humid, let alone keep various aquatic plants and animals, etc., so that the leather box can achieve the best moisture-proof effect.

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