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What are the advantages of a leather wine box?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

The leather wine box is generally more expensive than other wine boxes, but it looks more upscale as a whole, which can fully show the temperament and connotation of red wine, so the specific advantages of the wine leather box are Where is it?
(1) Advantages in color: Because the leather surface of the red wine leather box is repainted and colored. The choice of color is far more than that of wooden wine boxes, comparable to paper opportunities, and can fully show what the wine wants to express.

                              leather wine box
(2) Advantages in texture: less wood texture, mainly the texture of the wood itself, there are not too many changes and choices; two paper wine boxes due to the thin thickness, the artificial texture will not feel heavy; only leather wine packaging boxes Only when you can control various textures, you can show the effect of texture. You can use various textures on it, such as dragon claw pattern, litchi pattern, stone pattern, crocodile pattern and so on.

                             leather wine box
(3) Advantages in thickness: The leather wine packaging box is intervened between the wooden wine box and the paper wine box, which not only avoids the softness of the paper wine box, but also avoids the texture of the wooden wine box. Just right.
(4) Advantages in strength: the paper is shattered, it will rot when torn, and it is easy to be damp, making the paper wine box easy to damage. The woodiness is rigid, and it breaks as soon as it is broken, so the wooden wine box cannot use too much force during use; and the "toughness" of the leather wine box overcomes the above various defects, making it more practical.

                             leather wine box
(5) Compatibility advantages: Paper and wooden wine boxes of different colors, textures, and thicknesses are often not harmoniously compatible when designing the same product. If it is not involved, the overall appearance will be more abrupt. natural. The leather material is based on the innate texture to win, and the leather material dealer can also use the texture to improve the modification effect, so it has better compatibility.

(6) Applicability advantage: The characteristics of the leather red wine gift box can basically meet the different positioning of market sales. Comprehensively, the leather red wine leather box is more able to enhance the quality and connotation of the red wine for the seller; for the user, it is more high-end and practical, and less popular with consumers.

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