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Wine packaging is an important factor in wine purchase

Published by admin 2022-12-20

According to the latest research by Ubifrance, the French Enterprise International Development Agency, for Chinese distributors, the "shape" of a bottle of wine is more important than the wine label and color, and it has become the "five factors" for Chinese consumers when buying red wine. one.

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Compared with the wine culture with a long history in Europe or North America, China's wine culture is more like a fast-growing giant. Lack of time to settle, in the face of tens of thousands of red wine varieties, more than 95% of Chinese consumers can only simply distinguish the pros and cons of wine based on the origin and brand. However, the ancient culture of courtesy and reciprocity, and the prevailing personality today, has made Chinese consumers pay more attention to red wine bottle packaging and red wine box packaging than the red wine itself.

                               Wine packaging
Research conducted by a large local distributor in China and the world’s largest bottle producer-American company Owens-Illinois shows that although the wine producing area is still the decisive factor for purchase, the "shape" of the wine is also rapidly escalating. For the "Five Buying Factors" list, it also better confirms the significance of packaging as far as red wine.
In addition, the shape of the wine is regarded as "synonymous with quality and reputation", and the shape and packaging of Champagne closely follow Bordeaux. That is to say, when entering the Chinese market, we should try our best to cooperate with the wine image influenced by Chinese consumers for exclusive design and color matching.

                             Wine packaging
Helene Hovasse, Ubifrance China's agricultural product project manager, said in a media interview that French brewers missed opportunities in the Chinese market due to improper packaging. The chief designer of professional wine packaging, Michael Leung, also pointed out that international wine merchants need to have a deep understanding of Chinese culture, and make clever links to wine culture, to match Chinese customs and festivals, which will truly impress the hearts of Chinese consumers.

                                Wine packaging
Therefore, in order to be able to sell wine in the Chinese market, more and more international wine merchants quickly grab the attention of consumers through packaging, and customize wine packaging with more design and practicality for Chinese consumers, thus becoming their market occupation. Red wine business cards, through packaging to show individuality, but also to increase consumption.

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