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Countermeasures for excessive packaging of red wine

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Excessive luxury of gift packaging can be said to be a more common image. Moon cake boxes and red wine gift boxes are relatively obvious examples. So how to deal with the excessive packaging of gifts?
1. From the perspective of social trends, people's awareness of green, low-carbon, and environmental protection should be continuously popularized. This is the primary direction of wine box packaging innovation.

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2. Red wine merchants should pay attention to the brand and cultural construction of red wine, rather than luxury packaging. In this regard, we should learn from the design concept of imported wine in packaging. Although many imported wine products are expensive, they are simple and simple when it comes to packaging, and some are even shown as "light bottles". In other words, it is necessary to guide consumers to use "brand" and culture and red wine gift boxes to judge imported wine. 

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3. Consumers themselves should strengthen the learning of wine knowledge. In the face of the star-like red wine, you can at least be able to distinguish three or six or nine grades, rather than just looking at the packaging and paying for it. If you don’t understand, you can use external help, such as using your mobile phone to check the flavor and price of red wine.

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4. Excessive packaging is prohibited in the form of laws and regulations. In fact, as early as 2010, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee formally issued the national standard of "Restricting Excessive Packaging Requirements for Commodities-Food and Cosmetics". Requirements: The void ratio of red wine packaging must not exceed 60%, the number of packaging layers must not exceed 3 layers, and the sum of all packaging costs other than the initial packaging must not exceed 20% of the merchandise sales price. However, in the random inspections in the past few years, it was found that despite this, many businesses still over-packaged, completely ignoring the existence of the "restrictions on excessive packaging of goods". Therefore, this requires relevant departments to strengthen supervision and inspection. Excessive packaging businesses make corresponding penalties.

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It is worth noting that the regulations on restricting excessive packaging of goods are becoming more and more stringent. For example, the void ratio of red wine leather box packaging has dropped from no more than 60% to no more than 45%; the number of packaging layers must be 3 layers or less than 2 layers. Or below; the cost shall not exceed 20% and drop to 15%. In addition, the corresponding fines are also listed. Various signs indicate that the efforts to combat excessive packaging are gradually increasing.

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