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Red wine leather box maintenance knowledge

Published by admin 2022-12-20

To a large extent, the leather red wine box is based on its exquisite shape and external decoration to promote products, to improve the value of goods and the degree of competition in the market. After consumer is buying red wine skin box, often can not know "how should maintain red wine skin box?" , here is a simple introduction to the five points, for everyone to understand:

                             Red wine leather box
1, to check, such as found that the skin is dry, to rub oil.
2. Don't put heavy things on the lid of the red wine carton to avoid the carton being crushed or out of shape.
3, can not be placed in the sun exposure, avoid skin dry crack, lose patience, easy to break.

                             Red wine leather box
4, place the red wine leather box must be boring, otherwise, by the damp leather arrangement is simple and lax, resulting in deformation and decay, glue off, metal parts are also easy to rust.

                             Red wine leather box
5. If mildew spots appear on the leather products fabrics of the red wine leather box, you can wipe them with a dry cloth first, and then apply petroleum jelly. After 10 minutes, wipe off petroleum jelly.
Tips: pay attention to the use of red wine leather box do not put mothballs and other compounds, if the appearance is dirty, do not wipe hard, can use cotton and other soft things, dipped in a few sewing machine oil light wipe, you can decontamination!

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