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How wine box seize the banquet market

Published by admin 2022-12-20

How can liquor distributors seize a portion of sales in key operating areas and gain a firm foothold in the base market? The banquet market is an important channel that must not be missed. The banquet market has a huge capacity, usually including wedding banquets, birthday banquets, full moon banquets, college banquets, housewarming banquets, celebration banquets, annual meeting banquets, etc. The market scale is considerable, but the banquet market also has diversification and fragmentation of target consumer groups The state of operation also has a certain degree of difficulty. By summarizing all aspects of banquet operation methods, generally speaking, the banquet market needs to conduct tentative operations through the following aspects.

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1. In-depth understanding of consumers' consumption habits
At present, each area has its own special consumption customs, and understand the consumption customs and consumption taboos of each area. Combining local consumption habits to effectively communicate with consumers to increase the success rate of banquet consumption.

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2. Deeply explore the advantages of its own products, and clarify the product's positioning in the banquet market
At present, the banquet wines on the market are generally packaged with festive colors, and the name is Geely Shunkou liquor brand or a relatively well-known liquor brand. Therefore, it is necessary to deeply explore the benefits of its own products, enhance the sense of product value, and form the main breakthrough for later communication.

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3. Vivid layout
The lively arrangement of the banquet must be carried out in all directions. In order to create popular effects, it includes all kinds of vividness of the banquet scene, such as KT boards, X display racks, tableware logos, tissue boxes, banners, etc., banquet publicity signs, posters, DMs, etc. of famous smoke and famous hotels.

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4. Make a marketing plan according to the actual situation
At present, the consumption characteristics of various types of banquets in each region are different. Therefore, when formulating banquet marketing plans, it is necessary to formulate effective and standardized banquet operation procedures, implementation policies, promotion words, promotion methods, etc., in accordance with the actual market conditions. The formulation of the marketing plan is not necessarily universal, so it must be combined with the market and local conditions to formulate each plan of the activity. At the same time, the current rise of customized wines can provide customized services based on actual conditions.

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5. Open up consumption channels
Liquor dealers can organize banquets in conjunction with hotels, marriage registration offices, wedding photo studios, wedding car rentals, gift shops, cake shops, etc., and establish a "banquet alliance business body" to conduct joint promotions and expand new consumption channels.

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6. Media communication
Media communication is an effective communication tool to narrow the distance between the brand and consumers. For banquets, companies should carry out effective media communication before, during and after the banquet event to expand the effectiveness of brand promotion and make the entire media promotion run through the process of event execution. in. Especially in the era of mobile Internet, we must use new technology to build momentum through WeChat, TV commercials, and outdoor advertising before the banquet, which can effectively attract consumers’ attention and expand influence. Internet communication and Weibo communication can be used during the execution of the event. , Newspapers, etc., to allow consumers to participate, brands and consumers effectively interact, after the event, focus on related topics through TV, newspapers, etc., to further expand brand promotion and influence consumers to produce follow-up consumption.

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7. Team execution
The development of the banquet market must have firm execution, be able to control every detail of banquet sales, and require the executive team to be able to accurately implement it.
The market operation of all mass banquets requires continuous innovation based on consumers' habits to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand of consumers. At the same time, companies must also have firm execution to promote the expansion of the banquet market.

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