Cartier red boxs case analysis

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Many brands have their own representative colors and packaging. Cartier's red box is one of them, which exudes elegance and luxury.

                   Cartier red boxs
One account of the origins of the Red Box is that it evolved from a 1970s medicine box, but the details have been in use long before that, and in any case, it's enough to be recognizable, representative, and heart-throb.
Kadeya's red box with leather, is lined with a think of opportunely, generally to black, Bridal wedding ring series is white, the outline for the octagon, golden edge brand since the 18th century for jewelry box on the "ring" or "butterfly" design, with a French court luxuriant feeling, buckle design, show exquisite craft, press gently open the lid, jewelry present here, what a wonderful picture.

                  Cartier red boxs
Since 2009, jewelry boxes also pay attention to environmental protection, Cartier uses environmentally friendly material to create a small red box, the surface coating can be decomposed, does not contain plastic, in order not to cause harm to the earth.

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